Diane Seed's Culinary Adventures

Diane Seed, author of the best-selling "The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces" and many other books on Italian, Mediterranean and Indian cooking, has lived in Rome for over 30 years. She has closed her cooking school in the centre of Rome, but still takes people to explore exciting destinations like Sicily, Puglia, Bologna and the Amalfi Coast, and in the last four years she has started developing gastronomic tours to countries she explored while researching her Mediterranean and Indian books. These tours have some cooking but the emphasis is on finding good food and wine while enjoying the most appealing aspects of these fascinating countries. This year the Gourmet Adventures feature Nardo in Puglia, Sifnos, Sithonia and Thessaloniki in Greece, Budapest and Syracuse, Palermo and western Sicily.



Sicily - Siracusa, Palermo and Western Sicily  May 26 - June 4

Sithonia and Thessaloniki  September 21 - 30

Nardo - Salento, Puglia  October 12-18

Today air travel has become fraught with problems but I still travel a lot, and for me the arrival more than makes up  for the 'travelling hopefully'. Certain places make me feel I have known and loved them in another lifetime while others are excitingly alien. Greece has been my summer Mecca for many years, demanding a yearly pilgrimage, and in the last few years I have started to add  gastronomic tours to those countries I explored while researching my  Mediterranean book. I fell in love with India through books, long before my first visit, and the many trips I made while writing my Indian cook book added another perennial pleasure.

 These tours have some cooking, but the emphasis is on finding the good food and enjoying the most appealing aspects of these fascinating countries.

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