About Diane

About Diane Seed

Diane Seed has lived in Rome for over 40 years, and she has built up an international reputation for her unrivalled knowledge of Italian regional cuisine and wines. She is an amusing speaker and her passionate enthusiasm and lively anecdotes bring out the sheer pleasure of Italian life.

She moved to Rome some time after studying English Literature at London University, and proceeded to teach at an international school while bringing up her three daughters. Her great interest in food and cooking thenĀ became a full-time occupation as she started to write cook books. Her first book, "Top one Hundred Pasta Sauces" has sold well over a million copies and been translated into 12 languages.She has written

Diane now spends her time writing, teaching and speaking, spreading the knowledge she has acquired over the years from farms, palazzi, markets,restaurants and family friends.

She loves theĀ far south of Italy, a region generally undiscovered by tourism, where the historic influences of Greece, Spain and the Arab invasions are still reflected in the food. Diane has also acquired expert knowledge of the various olive oils produced. She worked frequently for the International Olive Oil Council, and took part in food promotions all over the world. Diane worked for eight years as the Italian food consultant for Marks and Spencer in the UK, and now spends considerable time helping chefs and suppliers enlarge their repertoire with authentic regional dishes. She has now closed her Roman cooking school, and spends her time running Gourmet Adventures around Italy, the Meditarranean, Morocco and India - area she researched at length for her books.