“This is a delightfully civilised, enjoyable, extraordinary city break.”

“The pace is relaxed and the mood is all studied Italian nonchalence.”

“She has so many people returning for a second or third trip that she constantly has to think up new dishes to teach them.”

Zoe Williams “The Evening Standard”, London

“…… from peeling prawns to charring peppers the whole class works together in the spacious kitchen specially designed for the purpose.”

Elizabeth Herman Minchili “Herald Tribune”, Paris

“She is also known to those who have been fortunate enough to attend her classes, as a teacher who weaves a spell. At the same time as she shows you how to cook authentic Italian, her fascinating commentary gives you an insider’s view of Italian life, interwoven with snippets of Italian history as it interlocks with the story of each dish.

Meg Jenkins “Gourmet Traveller”, Australia

“Diane Seed is a superb teacher”. Nominated in Top Ten cooking schools in Italy.

Jill Dupleix “The Times”, UK

“The whole experience is informal, but with its continuous stream of history and anecdote stirred in, it’s fantastically educational and inspriring.”

“The lessons themselves are a cross between a seminar and a convivial lunch party where the guests arrive early to help with the preparation and stay on for a few hours to eat the results.”

Victoria Hislop “The Sunday Telegraph”,UK

“Conversational cooking at its best, from a woman who loves her work.”

“Throwing in a bit of Rome history with the salt, amd peppering the recipes with anecdotes.”

Carinthia West “Tatler”,UK

“This trip’s greatest asset is Seed’s encyclopaedic knowledge of everything , from the region’s mythological significance to the best gelati cafe in Sorrento.”

“Being in the party of ” la signora Inglese”, as she is known across Italy, guarantees you at least an extra helping of charm, and more often than not, an extra course or two.”

Rupert Mellor “The Observer” (Campania)

“legendary cooking teacher ……”

John DeMers “Houston Chronicle”, USA

“La Seed vive a Roma da 30 anni, e giustamente considerata una delle maggiori intenditrici della cucina italiana. Con il passare degli anni ha acquisto una reputazione internazionale a motivo della sua conoscenza della cucina regionale italiana e dei vini locale.”

Il Globo con “la Repubblica”, Australia

“Voor het eerst van mijn leven ben ik niet de enige in een gezelschap die verwoed aantekeningen maakt Niemand wil iets missen van al die dingen die je niet in een boek vindt en die koken hier zo leuk maken.Ook Dianes levenslessen zijn waar voor je geld.’Breken die asperges meisjes, niet snijden. We’ll do it luscious’. Mijn ideee.”

“Elle eten” Lotje Deelman

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